Hello, hello!!

I’m Linda, the designer behind little wuppy®!


I’m so pleased and humbled that you have taken the time to visit. Thank you.

While I have you here, I’d love to introduce myself and share a few things with you.

In a Snap Shot

I am a 36 year old curly-haired former primary school teacher, who thoroughly enjoys creating for kids, and acting like one, too.

I try not to take myself too seriously; I love singing out loud, dancing like no-one’s watching and playing dress ups.

I am a little bit quirky, I am fiercely loyal, I am extremely honest and I am a strong believer in loving what you do and who you are.

I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am a follow-the-rules kind of girl. And I am a perfectionist.

I also suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.

Love and Marriage

I grew up in Werribee, a suburb west of Melbourne, and still live there with my wonderful hubby, Rob. We have been married for 11 years and been together for nearly 16 years. He is my best friend and one of the most patient, respectful, kind and selfless humans I have ever met. And I love him.

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Our Four-Legged Friends

Rob and I live with our 2 dogs – a labrador named Connor (he is an ex-customs dog) and our little sausage dog, Fudge (he is the inspiration behind the little wuppy® design). I am totally and utterly OBSESSED with all things sausage dogs so if you EVER come across something dachshund related, please, please, please share it with me!!! I love their disproportionate bodies and their hilarious, and often stubborn, personalities (a bit like mine, hehe).

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Little People

Although we’ve chosen not to have kids, Rob and I have a gorgeous niece and nephew who we adore ENORMOUSLY!! Spending time with them is one of my most favourite things to do. They make me laugh, they make me smile and they fill my life with so much happiness.

They also give me permission to be a kid again (not that I need it – I’m convinced I’m a little kid trapped inside an adult’s body). We sing, dance and play dress ups together. We play games together and we share stories together. But most importantly, we laugh together. A LOT!! They are so precious to me. So, so precious.

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Life, Oh Life…

Before little wuppy® I was a primary school teacher for 6 years, teaching mostly upper primary school kids. In 2010, I resigned from teaching due to severe anxiety and panic attacks. I had always been an anxious child, and as the years went by, my anxiety became more prominent and ultimately, I needed to reassess things.

I chose not to take prescribed medication for my anxiety, as the thought of it made me even more anxious. Oh, the irony!!! I consulted a naturopath, a dietician and a couple of psychologists, but what I found to be MOST helpful, was having a creative outlet.

In 2011, I started my own online business, Letter It (Name Decorative Art), where I specialised in designing and hand-crafting personalised name art for kids’ bedrooms. Creating artwork for children helped occupy my mind and gave me purpose again.

Next Chapter

During my six years as a teacher, and my five years creating artwork for kids, I met and connected with heaps and heaps of people. What I discovered was that so many adults, and children, suffer from different forms of anxiety. I also discovered that although improving, mental health issues still carry a stigma; and they shouldn’t!!

Having experienced the ups and downs associated with anxiety, and seeing it first hand in kids, I wanted to do something to help. Combining my love of sausage dogs, my understanding of how much anxiety sucks, my love of design and my experience as a former primary school teacher, I designed the little wuppy® – a sausage dog worry puppy.

The little wuppy® is designed as an aid to help comfort kids who worry, kids who are anxious, kids who suffer from sensory processing issues, or kids who just need some extra comfort. It is small enough to carry in a bag, a pocket, a pencil case, a lunch box, to keep in a special place or to pop under a pillow.

The special feature of the little wuppy® is its heart. Children are encouraged to send their worries to the little wuppy® by placing its heart against their own. Plus, the soft minky backing is perfect for cuddling and a great tool for those kids who use tactile surfaces to soothe and calm themselves.

And, I’m passionate about supporting other Australian based businesses, so the little wuppy® worry puppy holds an Australian Made licence!


Everything that has happened in my life has lead me to where I am now… And I wouldn’t have it any other way!! I LOVE what I do, who I am, and who I share my life with.

There’s no simpler way to say it – anxiety sucks! Especially if you’re a kid! But knowing that the little wuppy® will help to comfort a child and help to ease their worries, makes me happier than sausage dogs. And that’s a lot you guys!!!

Linda x

(PS: I also love a good chat. So, if you’d ever like to discuss or share things with me, it would be my absolute pleasure. Please don’t hesitate to make contact).

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