There’s something so special about seeing photos of children with their little wuppy®!

Here are some ‘happy snaps’, accompanied by testimonials, from awesome little wuppy® customers.

Please note: All images and testimonials have been published with permission.



finer details

“The finer details are amazing – the furry side for tactile kids, the embroidered heart, the care instructions, her name on the box – you’ve thought of everything. It’s just amazing.” – Natasha










class pet

“Hi Linda! I introduced “Wuppy” to my class today!! There was lots of excitement!! I explained how Wuppy can help us feel better if we are sad or worried and that he is our class pet. When I took him out of the bag there were lots of “oh he’s sooooooooo cute!!!!!!” And one “it’s a sausage dog!!!!!!” They were very excited to feel him and all commented on how soft, fluffy or warm he was. Each few days I will choose a new person to be in charge of him and look after him in the classroom. The first person is my little girl with cancer. She was very excited and asked to take it home. So Wuppy is off on his first sleep over tonight.” – Holly




hasn’t left ollie’s side

“I can’t thank you enough. Wuppy arrived today and hasn’t left Ollie’s side. He loves him – whispers in his ear, carries him in his pocket and truly loves him.

As I was typing this Ollie slipped over – usually cries of mum and dad come out, not this time…. ‘I need my worry sausage’ is what he cried…. It’s working a treat already.” – Michelle






changing lives

“You are amazing! You’ve hit the nail on the head. And the special booklet inside I read to him and he listened to it all. He’s put him under his t shirt with his heart on his heart now! We are honoured to have little wuppy in our house. Thank you for choosing us. You will change lives.” – Kat








a special gift

“He absolutely loves his Wuppy. He has called it Delta – no idea where this name came from. But it’s a girl and it’s Delta. He has asked for it to come everywhere since giving it to him.

I really hope this helps him move forward from our recent experience. He doesn’t get attached to many things but he seems to be checking and watching where Delta is.

I also wanted to thank you for the Kolby sticker on the back. That made it very special for him. He recognised his name and knew it was a special gift, thank you.” – Kelsey






“She loved her. Thank you.” – Josh












perfect little tool

“Our little wuppy arrived in our lives at just the right time!!

Isabelle has had a horrible time lately with repeat seizures daily which have left her quite exhausted and very anxious (as they often do after she has a run of them as she loses her sense of control).

So we now have the perfect little tool for her to cuddle and talk to!!! All her imaginary friends also all have their own wuppy to talk to!

She shows him to everyone that comes to our place (she’s decided it’s a ‘he’) and she took him to a sleep over to her grandparents on Sunday, as she told me she felt worried about leaving me and she said she thought she should bring her wuppy to talk to about it!!!

Another thing she does (as she is very tactile) is run the soft black part against her face when she is talking to him. She loves the feeling of it!!

Isabelle had moderate learning delays so even though she struggles with learning and comprehension – she really gets this concept so I’m really proud of her. He’s perfect for her!!!

This is her asleep with him!! And her epilepsy bear. They both go everywhere with her!!!” – Theresa



heart to heart

“Darcy has slept with his new person, Harrison, since he arrived. He has been lovingly carried by Harrison from room to room while being held heart to heart wherever they go. Darcy’s kennel received a makeover upon it’s arrival and now has pride of place in Harrison’s bedroom. I have heard him whispering his worries away to his buddy.” – Bec







to the rescue

“Ethan has Autism and has extreme anxiety about being alone at night. He was in need of a companion at night due to his anxiety. Due to allergies with older siblings, a cat was not the answer. Little Wuppy came to the rescue. He loves it.” – Renee










“Chiara is completely adored by her new person, Charlotte. After decorating Chiara’s home, Charlotte moved her to her bedside table – as close as possible to the edge to keep her nearby. Chiara has settled in well, making some dolly pals on day one, and has also enjoyed a sneaky adventure to Kindy! Charlotte also noticed all of Chiara’s little details, like the fact that she is wearing shoes!” – Bec







more than a comfort

“Little wuppy has been more than a comfort for Aiva, it also helps with down time, meltdowns and I find she will look for it now when we read her nightly book. I could even say it has improved her concentration when reading as she likes to rub the little heart as it has a different texture. It keeps her sitting in one spot longer than normal.

Her little wuppy has even helped with sharing her feelings, which she sometimes finds hard to express, by talking to her Wuppy. She has come to really cherish him and I often find her sitting in quiet time with her little friend.

Linda, thank you so much! She understands why she has been given a Wuppy which gives insight to her processing challenges.” – Bel xx