The little wuppy® – a sausage dog worry puppy – has been designed as an aid to help ease children’s worries and to comfort them. Children can talk to it, hold it, pop it in their pocket or bag, place it under their pillow, keep it in a special place, or use it in any way their imagination takes them.

Each little wuppy® comes in a pack which includes an adoption certificate, information card and calico carry bag. (The DELUXE pack also includes a cardboard box kennel and stickers to decorate the kennel).

There are three little wuppy® designs – chevron | spotted | striped.

Every aspect of the little wuppy® has been designed with much thought and purpose.

Click here to see the little wuppy® helping children!!

design – The use of a dachshund (affectionately known as a sausage dog) was specifically chosen, not only because I am obsessed with them, but because of their characteristics. Sausage dogs are brave and strong (despite their size), they are clever and have excellent hearing (so they are great listeners), and their hearts are full of love and loyalty (just what you’d want a friend to be).

special feature – The red velvet-like heart of the little wuppy® is its very special feature. When placed against a child’s heart, the child sends their worries to the little wuppy®, so they don’t have to worry anymore! How cool is that!

colours – The colours used are neutral, and the simplistic shape/design was chosen to avoid overwhelming an already anxious child.

fabric – The luxurious minky fabric that backs the pillow is soft to touch, and makes the little wuppy® perfect for cuddling.

production – The little wuppy® is made right here in Australia! The sausage dog design, (drawn by me), is printed onto cotton fabric (using non-toxic ink), then sewn to the minky fabric and hand filled (all in Melbourne) using a hypo-allergenic recycled PET fill, which is made in Australia. The cardboard packaging is manufactured in Queensland from recycled paper and doubles as a kennel for the little wuppy®. The stickers, (which can be used to decorate the kennel), and all the other printing and branding, is completed right here in Australia, too!

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little wuppy® proudly holds an Australian Made Licence No. 7728

ABN: 58 437 426 605