Featured here, are more styled images of the little wuppy® to show it’s size, the three different designs, and provide examples of how the little wuppy® can be used.

The little wuppy® can be:

  • placed against a child’s heart so they can send their worries to it
  • cuddled at night time
  • placed under a pillow while a child sleeps
  • popped into a pocket, a bag or a pencil case for kinder/school
  • held in a child’s hand for comfort
  • held in a child’s hand so they can speak to it
  • used to help relax or calm a child when they need comfort

however, children are not limited to these suggestions. The little wuppy® can be used in any way that helps ease a child’s worries, or helps to comfort them.

Please note: All images have been shared with permission.

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