How does the little wuppy® help kids?

The little wuppy® was not only designed to help ease children’s worries, but it was also designed to help comfort children – especially those with sensory issues or Autism Spectrum Disorder.
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How is the little wuppy® packaged?

The little wuppy® is not only Made in Australia, it is also packaged and labelled by me in my home studio!!



The little wuppy® is famous!!

It was an honour to be featured in our local community newspaper Star Weekly Article. 

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Meeting the little wuppy® Part 1

This video is one of pure joy! Watch as Noah is introduced to his little wuppy®…


Meeting the little wuppy® Part 2

Watch as Noah plans how he’ll care for his little wuppy® ‘Wumpy’!


The little wuppy® in review

Check out Jarryd’s video review of the little wuppy® here